Dirty Grifter

adj \ˈdər-tē\
1a : not clean or pure b : likely to be foul or defile with dirt c : contaminated with infecting organisms d : containing impurities
2a : morally unclean or corrupt: as (1) : indecent, vulgar (2) : dishonorable, base (3) : unsportsmanlike b : acquired by disreputable or illegal means : ill-gotten c : disagreeable, distasteful, or objectionable but usually necessary (as in achieving a desired result)
3a : abominable, hateful b : highly regrettable c : likely to cause disgrace or scandal
4: foggy, stormy
5a of color : not clear and bright : dullish b : characterized by a husky, rasping, or raw tonal quality
6: conveying ill-natured resentment
— dirt·i·ly adverb
— dirt·i·ness noun

verb \ˈgrift\
: to obtain (money) illicitly (as in a confidence game)
intransitive verb
: to acquire money or property illicitly
— grift noun
— grift·er noun

Where all good photos go to die.

So I started this to begin documenting some of the pictures I take.

These were either taken with a digital camera (Nikon D80) or my phone (Droid Bionic).

They have not been Photoshopped or edited in any fashion.

For more pics: Flickr

For Instagram pics: Statigram

For the rest of me: typeofwords.com